At the bachelor's degree level, recent graduates with a concentration in management information systems (MIS) continue to land high-paying, entry level positions. This is due, in large part, to the concentration's linkage to the exploding field of data analytics. At a University of California campus, data were collected on the starting salary of business graduates (salary in $1,000s) along with whether they have an MIS concentration Use the sample data in the file Salary MIS to conduct a hypothesis test to determine if the average salary of MIS concentration graduates is significantly greater than $75,000. In a formal report, complete the following tasks In your own words: 1. Introduction: Briefly discuss the motivation of this research (why would a study on this topic be of importance?). 2. Graph and Summary statistics: present a graph that summarizes the data along with a table of summary statistics for each variable in the data set. An interpretation must accompany any graph, chart, or table that you use. 3. Methods: Explicitly state and conduct the appropriate hypothesis test to determine if any differences exist. (All steps should be included) 4. Discussion: Interpret the statistical decision you arrived at in terms that would be useful for current students considering adding an MIS concentration. This section should also include suggestions for further research and/or discussion of additional variables that may provide more precise results.