Background: The students will pretend they are new roommates together in a college dorm room on an imaginary international university campus. They need to come up with a conflict that arises within this international dorm room (e.g., students borrowing each other's stuff without asking, inviting large groups of friends over without permission, sleeping hours, .room decoration, etc.) Setup: Students will be broken up into groups of 5 people. Students are then to choose 4 countries to represent themselves. The students should choose roles for the group project based upon the following options: o 2 students from Saudi Arabia o 1 student from East/South Asia (Japan, China, India, Philippines, etc.) o 1 student from a Western country (USA, Canada, England, etc.) o 1 student from Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, etc.), or southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, .etc.)

Fig: 1