Below is a table with the forecasted project costs for a general contractor. Perform a simple cash flow analysis (i.e. example shown in class) using the following assumptions: You may bill the owner on the last day of each month for the work completed during that same month.The owner pays the bills one month after they are received.The owner is retaining 10% of each month (months 1, 2, 3, and 4) which will be paid in full after the project is complete.Assume that ALL monthly costs are invoiced at the end of the month Assume that ALL monthly costs are incurred/paid (outflow) by the contractor during the month they occur. NOTE: The tables below are also provided as a downloadable MS Excel Spreadsheet on Blackboard (Q16 – Job Cost Forecast). What is the peak monthly outflow? (4 points) *$18,920 *$68,095 *$72,464 *$111,780 *$117,514 *$170,280 *$189,200 Assuming 22 working days per month, what is the highest "Average Daily Outflow" that the project is forecasted to have? (round answer to the nearest whole dollar and do not insert any symbols including the dollar sign)

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