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Question 44012

posted 10 months ago

The Delta Plus variant of SARS-CoV-2 has been found to have an amino acid substitution in the spike protein known as K417N. The spike protein is considered to be how the viral particle attaches to the host cell for infection. Based on your knowledge of amino acid side chain chemistry, speculate how this amino acid substitution (i.e. N replaces K at position 417) could lead to an altered potentially improved interaction with the host protein receptor. Your answer should include the following:

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Question 31235

posted 1 years ago

Critically evaluate the link between diet and the risk of cardiovascular disease. In your answer you should focus on:
(i)The effect that diet has on blood plasma lipoprotein concentration.
(ii)c.The connection between blood plasma concentration and cardiometabolic risk
(ii)Explanation of relevant biochemical processes at play.

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Question 31236

posted 1 years ago

Explain the role of eicosanoids formed as a result of metabolism of n-3and n-6 fatty acids in human physiological processes. In your answer consider data from relevant observational (epidemiological) studies alongside explanation of mechanism of action of these eicosanoids.2.

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Question 31237

posted 1 years ago

Evaluate the evidence for the effect of fibre on satiety. Translate the evidence behind using dietary fibre to regulate satiety into practical advice that you would give to someone wishing to lose weight. Use appropriate information from research literature.3.
In your answer consider data from relevant observational(epidemiological) studies alongside explanation of mechanisms of action of dietary fibre on satiety.(25 marks)

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Question 31238

posted 1 years ago

Using evidence from the scientific literature (epidemiological and metabolic studies), assess the association between glycaemicindex/glycamic load of diets and the prevalence of type 2 diabetes.4.
Remember to explain associations using relevant biological mechanism.

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Question 31239

posted 1 years ago

5.Evaluate the association between ethanol consumption and poor healthout comes. In your answer use appropriate references from epidemiological studies.
Remember to explain the associations using the knowledge of the impact that catabolism (oxidation) of ethanol has on relevant metabolic(25 marks)processes in human body.

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