Case #4 Ghosting- definition: Informal: the act or practice of abruptly cutting off all contact with someone (such as a former romantic partner) by no longer accepting or responding to phone calls, instant messages, etc. Romeo one minute, where'd he go the next? Ghosting is when you go poof and literally disappear out of someone's life without a word or explanation. "Julia is a 21-year-old student. She had been friends with Steve for months, while hiding the fact that she had a crush on him. They randomly hooked up one night, and Steve asked her out on a date a few days later. Eager to see him again, she said yes. After no word from him for a few days, she texted him to ask if the date was still happening only to receive no response. She sent Steve another message: "cool thx for ignoring my text." Again, she was rebuffed. They've since seen each other out in public, and he has continued to ignore her completely. After asking Julia out, he completely ghosted her. "Even though it's happened to me from guys and made me feel horrible, I think it's in a lot of people's nature to avoid confrontation especially if you don't have ties to someone," Julia said. "I know I'm not the only one that thinks that because why else would people do it? It's out of lack of the maturity to confront people." The ethical questions: 1. Is ghosting ethical according to an ethical egoist? Explain. 2. Is ghosting ethical according to an ethical relativist? Explain. 3. How would ethical egoists advise you to answer this question? 4. How would you answer this question?