CASE 4-Stripe Case The focus of this case is on how Stripe was able to differentiate effectively against larger competitors such as PayPal and to some extent Square. The case in the HBSP packet provides background on Stripe and on this industry. But it includes only limited information on PayPal. If you search the web there are countless sites that compare Stripe vs PayPal and some also compare it against Square. I have listed one comparison site for you but it is by no means the best or most comprehensive. So feel free to do your own research. Stripe: Helping Money Move on the Internet, KE1042 (HBSP packet) -- MAIN CASE Stripe vs. Paypal comparison site: "The untold story of Stripe, the secretive $20bn startup driving Apple, Amazon and Facebook" (Wired 5/10/2018) Marketshare data: Memo assignment: How was/is Stripe able to differentiate itself against competitors especially Paypal?