CJAD 405 Discussion 1 instructions: The post thoughtfully addresses all of the major issues in the Discussion topic and contains good support for the facts and opinions contained in the post. The post demonstrates that the student has an excellent grasp of the evidentiary concepts related to the issues. The posts expressed the student's thoughts in a clear, logical, and understandable manner. 200 words; APA Please review your Instructional Materials. A simple formula may be used to determine the admissibility of evidence: Admissible Evidence = Authenticity + Relevancy + Competency. Q1. Explain what is meant by authenticity, relevancy, and competency. Q2. Explain how evidence may be relevant and authentic, but may not be admissible because of Constitutional concerns that render the evidence incompetent. Textbook Citation: Ingram, J. L. (2021). Criminal Evidence (14th ed.). Taylor & Francis.

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