consistent with the "employment at will" philosophy that undergirds work policy in the United States. Additionally, the medical bills exceed insurance coverage. 3) Assume that Lizzie can sue on behalf of her daughter (and herself, of course). What legal issues do you spot here? Who should or could she sue, i.e., does ELF have legal exposure? Under what legal theory(ies)? 4) If Lizzie does file a Complaint against ELF, what damages might be recoverable? If she wins, do you think a jury will award punitive damages? Why or why not? Assume Lizzie is hearing impaired and used special technology to perform her job (before she was terminated for missing a week of work). 5) Do you think Lizzie possibly has an employment-related claim? Why or why not? What employment-related laws may be relevant to Lizzie's situation? Prior to Lizzie filing a lawsuit, ELF finally receives official notice from the FDA confirming the existence of high levels of ethylene glycol in Ivan's Candy Bars (in excess of the FDA

Fig: 1