Data Analysis: Student in a primary school Analyse the data using the following table (~200 words) STUDENT NAME: Asma GRADE: 3 SCHOOL: Elsewhere Primary School DOMAIN • Counting Place Value Additive Thinking Multiplicative Thinking INITIAL ANALYSIS NOTES (what the student can do) CONCEPTUALISING ANALYSIS (moving from what they can do to what this indicates they understand conceptually)/nPLANNING CONSIDERATION Learning intentions/ Learning goal (these should be directly related to what you have analysed the child/student still needs to learn, or is ready to learn next, and must be concept focused) Links to curriculum documentation (copy and paste these from the relevant documentation) Selection of two tasks/ activities/games (name and source each activity along with a very brief description) Key teaching strategy and implementation (brief description of how you plan to implement the task, including the most impactful teaching strategies. Ensure you source research/ evidence-based pedagogical approaches) Teacher questions (key probing questions to challenge and/or scaffold student thinking - open-ended and relating directly to the learning goal) Key resources (identify key manipulatives/ representations PLACE VALUE MULTIPLICATIVE THINKING/nICT resources used to support students' conceptual understanding) Assessment strategy/ criteria (how will you know when/whether the learning intentions/goals have been achieved?) References List all references cited that informed your pedagogical reasoning for this assessment task, providing evidence of your engagement with mathematics education literature recommended in the EDMA290 unit. Appendices Include any appendices like task instructions or templates or other supplementary information (if necessary)

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