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Question 33572

posted 1 years ago

a. What digital marketing tools do you plan on your business? Provide details of each using for
b. What Digital Marketing strategies do you plan on using? Explain

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Question 33573

posted 1 years ago

а.Specify the social network sites and their type
b. Create an Instagram account for your business.Provide a link and a screenshot
c. Give a description of your account (highlights,description of the three columns)
d. What social media strategies would you choose to apply using your Instagram account (clearly describe how)

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Question 33576

posted 1 years ago

a. Describe a sponsorship would be involved in or an event marketing that you
b. What ways could you show your social responsibility?

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Question 33574

posted 1 years ago

a. What alternative marketing tools would(provide clear description)you use?
b. In-store marketing ideas if applicable

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Question 33575

posted 1 years ago

a. What types of sales promotions would you use?(provide details)

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