Edward is taking his daily walk near the train tracks when he notices that the train that is approaching is out of control. Edward sees what has happened: the train driver saw five workmen ahead on the tracks and slammed on the brakes, but the brakes failed, and the driver fainted. The train is now rushing toward the five men; the banks are so steep that they will not be able to get off the track in time. Fortunately, Edward is standing next to a switch, which he can throw, that will turn the train onto a sidetrack. Unfortunately, there is one person standing on the sidetrack with his back turned. Edward can throw the switch, killing the one, or he can refrain from doing this, letting the five die. Remember, Edward did not build the train, nor is he responsible for its current predicament. However, if he pulls the switch, he is both intervening and making a judgment regarding human value. Take this into account when writing your essay. There is a reason this is considered a "moral dilemma." Incorporating what you have learned from ethics, answer the following questions. 1. "Is it morally permissible for Edward to throw the switch?" 2. Would a Utilitarian agree? Why? 3. Would a Kantian agree? Why? 4. What do you believe is the best option "What is The Good?" Why?

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