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Question 36326

posted 1 years ago

1. Choose a real system or a device and review its designprocess in details then determine accurate cost estimatesand schedules to avoid cost overruns and schedule slips. Toseek optimum balance between cost, quality and timerequirements.

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Question 36327

posted 1 years ago

2. Write the problem statement, need statement and the objectives for a real system that you choose to solve a real problem. (i.e. define the problem and your motivations then find the best solution).

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Question 315

posted 1 years ago

Topics: A) Power Ferrite for Converter B) Permanent Magnets for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor C) Ferrites for HF/VHF Antenna . Choose one of the above three topics for your project report.
Format: Use 1 inch margins (left and right), 1 inch margins (top and bottom), 11 point times font for the main text, and use 9 point times font for figure and table captions. Single space your text Make the text fully-justified (where the letters are aligned on both the left and right).Your report should be limited to 10 pages.
1. Title, Name, and Abstract (1 first page) 2. Introduction 3. Discussion 4. Summary 5. Future work to recommend 6. References

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Question 4074

posted 1 years ago

Proposal for a Filter Design course project (20%) in ELE 4653
The students should write a report on analytical design and use of Matlab tools to design IIR Butterworth LPF digital filters with different specifications to remove high-pass noise from real data such as speech signal. Also, student need to explore in Matlab the possibility to design other filter types such as Chebyshev and elliptic filters comparing their performance to the analytically designed Butterworth filter.
a) This project is accomplished by working in a team of 2-3 Students.b) Each student group should prepare at least 4 pages report.c) Each student group should work on different filter specifications and real data after a discussion with the course instructor.d) Reports should include (total of 15% - 5% each)i) Analytical design of the IIR Butterworth LPF ii) Matlab implementation of the designed Butterworth filter and other filter types iii) Results including filters frequency responses, input and output signals both in time and frequency e) Presentation of the report and oral discussion with each student. (5%)f) Students should use 12 points Times New Roman font size and font type for the report.g) Students should upload their reports in Blackboard.
Report Format
1. Title page As per HCT report format standards Use 12 points, Time New Roman Normal fonts for the body of the report, and 14 points, Time New Roman Bold fonts for all section heads; and double spacing.
2. Content Page As per HCT report format standards
3. Introduction Mention the purpose of the project and its important to the course.Briefly sum up the theme of the project.
4. Project Objective
Simply state the objective of this project
5. Methodology Mention the main steps you are to use in the carrying out the projects
6. Main Body of the Report This section comprises of the actual work carried out by the students,in the order of the tasks required by the project. A well-documented MatLab codes Must be included with the plots.
7. Results and Discussion Report your work and results from steps 5. State your observation and analysis.
8. Conclusion Present your conclusions based on your analysis.
9. References List any materials you used.

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