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Question 3026

posted 1 years ago

1. Topic: select one term project topic from the two following choices:(1) a literature review of design and manufacturing of a product, e.g., tennis racket,aluminum can or others;

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Question 3027

posted 1 years ago

2. Format: each student needs to submit an individual project report, please use Times New Roman, 12-point font, single line space. Referring to online journal publication,industry report or other materials are acceptable with proper reference citation attached in the end of the report.For the literature review, there is a requirement of at least 5 pages excluding reference citation.There is no specific requirement for the report length, if you choose the second topic.

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Question 12039

posted 1 years ago

Identify and write at least 15 customer requirements. Remember to use the table of guidelines provide in class. Convert those customer requirements to engineering specifications,consisting of a metric, value (substitute with x when you do not have enough information to fill the values in), and a rationale. Make sure your set of requirements is complete, verifiable,and dependent.

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