Excel Formula 1 SUM of Digits when cell Contains all Numbers 2. SUM of Digits when cell Contains Numbers and non Numbers both 3. A List is Unique or Not (Whether it has duplicates) 4. Count No. of Unique Values 5. Count No. of Unique Values Conditionally 6. Add Month to ot Substract Month from a Given Date 7. Add Year to or Subtract Year from a Given Date 8. Convert a Number to a Month Name 9. Converting Date to a Calendar Quarter 10. Converting Date to a Indian Financial Year Quarter 11. Calculate Age from Given Birthday 12. Number to Date Format Conversion 13. Number to Time Format Conversion 14. Count Cells Starting (or Ending) with a particular String 15. Count No. of Cells Having Numbers Only 16. Count No. of Cells which are containing only Characters 17. Number of Characters in a String without considering blanks 18. Number of times a character appears in a string 19. Count Non Numbers in a String 20. Count Numbers in a String