Fairy chemicals (including 1, 2, and 3) were originally isolated from fungi that produce formations called fairy rings. These metabolites are also found in plants and their presence increases the yield of crops such as rice and other grains. a) Identify the most basic nitrogen atom in each molecule and explain your answer.Identify which molecule (1 or 2) has the most basic nitrogen.[4] The fairy chemicals may be synthesized according to the following scheme: Step 1 proceeds via the reactive intermediate NO*. i.Draw the structure of NO“, including lone pairs and formal charges. Propose a mechanism for the formation of NO* from HN02 in HCl.11. Predict whether NO* behaves as a choice.iii.nucleophile or electrophile. Explain your iv.Propose a mechanism for the reaction of 2 with NO* as in Step 1. Propose a mechanism for Step 2. O Step 3 is driven by the formation of side product X. v.Suggest the identity of side product X. vi.Propose a mechanism for Step 3.

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