Farmer Jones must determine how many acres of corn and wheat to plant this year. An acre of wheat yields 25 bushels of wheat and requires 10 hours of labor per week. An acre of corn yields 10 bushels of corn and requires 4 hours of labor per week. All wheat can be sold at$4 a bushel, and all corn can be sold at $3 a bushel. Seven acres of land and 40 hours per week of labor are available. Government regulations require that at least 30 bushels of corn be produced during the current year. Let x₁ = number of acres of corn planted, and x₂ =number of acres of wheat planted. a) Using these decision variables, formulate an LP whose solution will tell Farmer Jone show to maximize the total revenue from wheat and corn. b) Using the variables x₁ =number of bushels of corn produced and x₂ = number of bushels of wheat produced, reformulate Farmer Jones's LP.

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