Follow the instructions of each sub-task, and submit a link to the web page containing your solution. Before you start, make sure you have a p5js and account first so that you can save your work. Remember to duplicate the template code for a fresh new submission url: 1. Modify the function is PointInCircle() so that it returns true if the point is in the circle | linkLinks to an external site. 2. Change the location of one sphere in the scene, so that it blocks the entire initial scene view | linkLinks to an external site. Submit you solution as text entry with: UCID student name 1) link to solution with url1 2) link to solution with url2 and so on... Note: That url1, url2, should all be different urls. That means you will need to duplicate the original code for each task • This assignment follows all class polices as described in the policy, e.g. late submission penalty and such.

Fig: 1