Homework #5 CVEN 3246 (40 Points) Be sure to provide reasoning to your answers. Be convincing. 1. (15 pts) Pretend your nearest supermarket is being demolished and replaced by a Tesla car dealership. Create a Site Logistics Plan. Use a Google Maps image of your nearest supermarket and create the plan using all the key considerations noted in the video textbook. You can use any digital tool you wish - PowerPoint, Bluebeam, Sketchup, etc. Please ensure you address public safety. 2. (5 pts) List and describe 10 potential construction risks associated with the Tesla car dealership project noted above. Be specific to your location and this type of project. 3. (3 pts) Tesla car dealerships usually have metal panel siding to give it an industrial look. Due to installation issues, the probability that the siding needs to be removed and replaced is 10%. Full replacement of the siding will cost $600,000. What is the Expected Value for this risk and what is the purpose of performing that calculation? TEELR 4. (5 pts) For each of the following bonds, provide a definition: a. Bid bonds b. Performance bonds c. Payment Bond 5. (2 pts) On a construction project, who ultimately pays for bonds and insurance? Explain. 6. (5 pts) Two concrete subcontractors are nearly identical (material prices, the wages they pay their employees, their equipment costs, etc.). However, one sub has a significantly higher Experience Modification Ratio (EMR). Why will that subcontractor's bid be higher in comparison? (ie. what cost will guaranteed be higher for that sub?) 7. (5 Pts) The latest hurricane in Florida caused significant damage to construction sites. a. If the wind and rain damaged material on your project (during construction), which insurance policy should cover the cost of the damage? b. If roofing material blew off the roof of your project and injured a public bystander, which insurance policy should cover the costs associated with the bystander's injuries? c. During cleanup after the storm, a construction worker broke her ankle while scrambling over debris (on the jobsite). Which insurance policy should cover the costs associated with her injury.

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