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Question 35681

posted 1 years ago

2. Maryam, an employee of the furniture store, is pregnant and wants to use her paid maternity leave. She is entitled to a maternity leave of 60 days according to her employment contract. How many days of maternity leave can she use? Why? If she has already used her annual leave, would that change your answer? Why?

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Question 35682

posted 1 years ago

3. Hassan works at Mohammed's furniture store as a carpenter since ten months. He wants to use his annual eave. Mohammed says Hassan that he cannot leave prior to the completion of his first year of service, and that he will be entitled to an annual leave of 20 days according to his employment contract. When and for how many days of leave is Hassan entitled to? Why?

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Question 35683

posted 1 years ago

4. Mohammed wants to hire Khalil as a carpenter, and asks your opinion about the employment contract that he prepares for Khalil. Mohammed wants to offer Khalil a fixed term contract for six years. According to the contract, Khalil's wage shall be reduced by 10% every year. Please explain Mohammed your opinion about this contract.

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Question 35684

posted 1 years ago

5. Fatmah, another employee of the furniture store, has been absent for ten consecutive days, without any reason.Can Mohammed terminate her employment contract? If he does so, will Fatmah be entitled to terminal service indemnity? Why?

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Question 35680

posted 1 years ago

1. Mohammed runs a furniture store in Kuwait. He needs carpenter and advertises a position. Omar, aged 16,applies to this position. Can Mohammad employ Omar in this position? Why?

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