HW 4-Intro to Equilibrium Microscopic Reversibility 2. Equilibrium Constant Mathemati 3. Equilibrium Constant: Magnitude 4. Exploring Equilibrium Nitrogen 5. Writing Equilibrium Expressions 6 Writing Equilibrium Expressions Question Question 7. Manipulating K Expressions 8 Calculate K for Rearranged Equ 9 Whiting Equilibrium Expressions Progress: 0/9 groups Due Jun 22 at 11:55 PM Finish Assignment 1 pts 2req 1 pts 2req 1 pts 2req 1 pts 2req 1 pts req 1 pts 2req 1 pts 2req 1 pls 2req 1 pts 2req Write the equilibrium constant expression, K, for the following reaction. Please enter the compounds in the order given in the reaction. If either the numerator or denominator is blank, please enter 1 NH3(aq) + H₂O(1)NH₂(aq) + OH(aq) Submit Answer [Review Topics] [References] Use the References to access important values if needed for this question. Retry Entire Group 9 more group attempts remaining

Fig: 1