I. A metal sphere (radius R = 0.2m) is centered at the origin and has a charge of Q=5µC on it. A point charge is located at (5,0)m, and has charge q =-2µC.A) What is the magnitude of the Coulomb force that the sphere exerts on the poínt charge? B) What would the electric potential be at an observation point P (3,0)m? C) Three students draw three different spherical Gaussian surfaces around the metal sphere and the point charge. Each Gaussian sphere has a radius of 4m, with St centered on the metal sphere, Sz centered on the point charge, and Sa centered on P.Rank the cases based on the flux through the Gaussian surface from greatest (most positive) to least (most negative); if any cases have the same flux, tell me that explicitly. Explain your reasoning.

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