(i) What are the voltages across the inductor at t=1.00 s and t=2.05 s; Question 3a) A resistor-inductor circuit is shown in Figure Q3(a). Switch S1 is closed between t = 2and 4 seconds. It remains open at all other times. (ii) Calculate the current flowing in the circuit at t = 2.00 s; t=2.05 s; and t=2.10 s. (iii) Write the equation for the induced voltage in an inductor in terms of the currentflowing through it. b) In the RC circuit shown in Figure Q3(b), the switch is closed at t = 0 second. Calculatethe time taken for the capacitor to charge up to 98% (9.8 V) of the final value. c) A time-varying current has a sine waveform of 100 Hz with a maximum value of 5 A.What is its period? Write an expression for the waveform. How would you represent asimilar current, but of peak-to-peak value 20A, which lags the first current by 60°?

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