In an HPLC experiment, compounds A and B have retention times of 5.62 min and 6.74 min,respectively, on a 180 cm long reverse phase column. The unretained species has a retention time of 0.5 min. The peak widths at the base for A and B are 1.0 and 0.75 min, respectively. (a) Calculate the retention factor for the two compounds. (b) Calculate the selectivity factor of the column. (c) Calculate the column resolution. Is the resolution calculated sufficient for separation(purification) and/or identification? (d) Calculate the number of theoretical plates (N) of the column for compounds A and B. (e) Calculate the average plate height (in cm). (f) Assuming there is no change in selectivity factor or retention factor for the column,calculate the length of the column (in cm) that would be required in order to achieve aresolution of 1.75.

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