In this project, you will write a program to handle ticket sales for an auditorium. A given show will be performed on three days - Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There are three seating areas - floor, balcony and upper balcony. There are 20 seats in each section (it's a very small auditorium, only one row per section!) Floor seats sell for $30, balcony for $20 and upper balcony for $10. Your program will allow the cashier to enter requested seat purchases by desired day, section and seat number. It will check if the seat is available and, if so, mark the seat as sold. When requested, the program will be able to display a seating chart or a summary of ticket sales. Data for the seating availability will be stored in multidimensional arrays - either a single three-dimensional array (ordered by day, section, seat number) or by three two-dimensional arrays (each day's array ordered by section and seat number). The array(s) should initially be set to show all seats available. As the cashier sells seats, change the array element value to indicate that it's sold. You need to use hyphen ( - ) to indicate available seats and asterisk (*) to indicate sold seats. The cashier will enter seat requests with a three or four character code: • First character is the day: T(t), F(f) or S(s) Second character is the section: F(f), B(b) or U(u) Third/fourth is the seat number: 1 through 20 •

Fig: 1