James and Wade were walking down the street when they saw a mysterious man frozen inice, just like the one above. James said the man should be brought to the police station andstarted to push the man to the east with 94.6 N. Wade on the other hand, said the man shouldbe taken to the hospital and started pushing the man to the west with 24.5 N. Even though theman was inside the block of ice, there was still friction between the man in the ice and ground.The maximum static friction was 1.8N and the kinetic friction was 1.35N. The mass of the manand ice was 48Kg. Use the frame of reference in which east is positive and west is negative. 1) What was the acceleration of the man in ice during the push? 2) Both James and Wede pushed the man for 4.37 seconds before James gave in and let go. How far did the man in ice go in those 4.37 seconds? What is the final velocity of the man in ice after these 4.37 seconds? What is the man in ice new acceleration now that James is no longer pushing him? What would the final velocity be for the man in ice if wade continues to push him for-another 4.37 seconds alone?

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