k. insert "Cat 1. insert "Goat" m. remove top./nf. insert "Egg g. insert "Kow" h. insert "Ant" i. insert "Jam" insert "Dog"/nQuestion 2 a, 9 points A min-heap is to be constructed, containing only strings, and using the usual ordering for strings (that is, the C++ operators <, >, , etc. will do the job). That means that the strings represent their own priorities, "abe" must be above "def and so on. Show the contents of the heap, all in its correct place, after each of these operations. The heap is empty at the start. b to m, 2 points each, there are 12 of them. Parts A to K are worth three points each (there are eleven of them) b. insert "Frog" insert. "Horse" d. insert "Bat" e. insert "Ink"

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