< Assignment Details AMST 2011 (001) The United States since September 11 (Summer... Submission & Rubric > Description I would really like to submit As for everyone for this class this term. Unlikely, but that's my goal! This extra credit assignment is worth Ten Points; a full letter grade. Please submit by August 1, unless you have DRC accommodations. Format: Use a 12 point font, double space, 1 inch margins, WRITE AT LEAST 2 PAGES. Not more than 3. Answer the following questions: (1) The world, and American society, have changed dramatically over the past 50 years, and the rate of global change is speeding up. What do you see as the most significant challenges to American society, and the world in the next 30 years? Make sure to include an assessment of US FOREIGN POLICY. (2) Based on your answer to the previous question, what do you think we should do about it? Propose specific policies, laws, or actions! Citation: USE ANY FORMAT, but you MUST CITE at least three sources. This can be opinion based, but you MUST back your opinion up with facts.

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