а.List and briefly describe (1-2 sentences), 3 common failure modes for a sea wall. Calculate the celerity of a wave of wavelength L = 90 m travelling in water depth d = 17 m. with the wave frequency f = 0.12. What will be the celerity of the wave in i. if d = 3 m? What is the wavelength of the wave in ii? In deep water, two waves have the same height, but different steepness. Which wave will travel faster? c. A wave of period T = 12 s and L = 110 m approaches the shore with a height H of 1 min deep water. With the density of p = 1028 kg / m3. Calculate the following: i.The celerity and group speed in deep water. ii.The wave steepness in deep water. iii.The wave power per metre length of crest in deep water.:=

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