Mass (weight) of magnesium ribbon Volume of wet gas (Vwg = V₁-V₁) This is the total volume change on the buret; final minus initial. Barometric Pressure (P) ____torr converts to This is how much pressure the atmosphere puts on the water in the beaker, pushing it up into the buret. . Temperature of water and gas (T). Remember, ALWAYS use Kelvin for ideal calculations. Vapor Pressure of water at This is the amount of gaseous water in the air at a giventemperature. There is a table of Pwy at various temperatures posted in lau. . Height of water (Ah, seeFigure 4.1) 7. Pressure of H₂O (Pw) Pw= Ah/13.6the system. This is the pressure that the water itself exerts on the system. You must convert from mm of H₂O to torr (13.6 mm H₂O/torr). Pressure of gas (if dry), Pg= Pb-Pwv - Pw This is the final pressure of the H₂, after all of the other factors have been accounted for. Convert torr to atmospheres to get.

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