Match the description on the right with the items on the left by placing the correct letter in front of thedescription. (10 points) a) Biosensor b) Transducer c) Motion sensor d) Actuator e) Pressure sensor f) Programmable logic controller (PLC) g) Thermocouple h) Photoelectric sensor i) Limit switch j) Accelerometer k) Resistance temperaturedevice 1) Level sensor m) Image sensor Electromechanical device that has an actuator mechanically linked to a set of contacts Device that converts a controller command signal into a change in a physical parameter Type of temperature sensor that provides better sensitivity,repeatability, and is less susceptible to noise Device that detects the presence or concentration of chemical substances Device that can detect almost any object and changes in surfaceconditions through optical properties Microprocessor-based controller that executes a program of instructions to implement logic, sequencing and counting functions for industrial process control Type of temperature sensor that performs better at higher temperatures while providing faster response time Device that detects changes in level of liquids or solids Device that converts one form of energy to another Device that detects changes in motion and speed of people,parts, etc.

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