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Question 40027

posted 1 years ago

2. (a) Is it possible to connect a 10MB/s Ethernet to a Fast Ethernet LAN enabling connectivity between all hosts? What hardware should be put in place?
(b) Two computers on a LAN formed by several interconnected switches exchange a large amount of data, affecting the performance of the other computers. Thus, network administrators decide to move the two computers on the same LAN segment.
(i)Explain why this would mitigate the problem.
(ii)Indicate a way of doing it without physically moving the machines or installing additional cables.
(c) Consider the ASCII encoding of the least significant digit of your student ID as a byte of a 100BT Ethernet frame. Assuming a nullscrambler, draw the waveform that the NIC would produce on cable.

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Question 40026

posted 1 years ago

1. (a) Explain how clock synchronisation is achieved in 10BT networks.
(b) Discuss two methods by which CSMA/CD improves the SlottedAloha access scheme.
(c) Two hosts are connected by an Ethernet full-duplex link. What is the maximum utilisation and under which conditions is achieved?

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Question 40028

posted 1 years ago

3. (a) When does a host use the ARP cache? Your answer should provide details of the algorithm.
(b) Write the minimum routing table for the local router in Figure 1that allow the hosts to be connected to the Internet.[10 marksı
(c) Provide diagrams and a detailed explain on either of the two following topics:[14 marksl
Show how a DNS message is encapsulated in an
Explain why TCP is called connection-oriented protocol and UDPis connection less.

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