Now add a transfer function block and a multiplexer to your Simulink model. As shown in Figure 2-3 below. Note the values for the gain and time constant in the transfer function model shown are not what you should use. The actual parameters you should use are the ones you calculated in Section 2.1. Figure 2-2 Validation of Empirical Model 1. Use the Monitor & Tune button on the Hardware tab, to Run the Simulink model. Include READABLE scope traces in your lab report with each of the output traces identified. 2. Did you derive the empirical model parameters, K, and r, correctly? The output traces should match almost exactly. Discuss any discrepancies and the possible sources of error. 3. This concludes the Empirical Modeling Lab. Be sure you saved all necessary pictures of your models and Scope / Figure plots to your USB Memory Stick for use in your lab report before leaving the lab.

Fig: 1