Grout curtains. Figure 1 shows the flow nets for seepage beneath a dam through a homogeneous,isotropic, permeable, fully saturated foundation rock without (Fig. 1, top) and with (Fig. 1,bottom) a grout curtain at its heel. The water depth in the dam is ho = 15m in both scenarios. The hydraulic conductivity and the porosity of the permeable foundation rock are K = 10 m/s and n =0.2, respectively. For simplicity, take fluid density to be p = 1000kg/m and the gravitational acceleration to be g= 10m/s in all calculations.%3D%3D%3D How much will the water rise if a piezometer is placed in the middle of the base of the dam in the two scenarios depicted in Fig. 1? O Using the flow nets drawn in Fig. 1, calculate the seepage under the dam with and without the grout curtain, O Calculate the uplift force under the base of the dam in the presence of the grout curtain (Fig. 1bottom). c. Flow neis. Consider seepage under an impermeable concrete dam with a grout curtain at its heel through a homogeneous, isotropic, permeable, fully saturated foundation rock (Fig. 2). A larger version of Fig. 2 is provided on the next page. Draw a quantitatively accurate flow net,with nm=4 stream tubes, on it. Draw arrows to indicate direction of flow. Attach the page to%3!

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