PART 1: The following figure shows a three-bus system with impedances in p.u. 2 0.02+j0.04 p.u. HEM ww =1.0 p.u. 0.01+j0.03 p.u. 3 PGI-0.5 p.u. ww 0.04+j0.02 p.u. slack bus V₂ = 1.02/0° SL2=1.2+j0.5 p.u. a) Find the bus admittance matrix Your b) Fill up the following table with known values to use for the load-flow solution. If values are unknown, put "?" in the corresponding cell. Type (PV or PQ?) VI 8 Q Bus 1 2 3 c) Find the voltage magnitudes, phase angles, and line flows for the system using N-R method. d) Solve it with regular power flow, decoupled power flow, and fast decoupled power flow methods P

Fig: 1