Part D (25%) Write a short critical essay (800-900 words) that analyses and evaluates the extended passage below, "Photo Radar Just Lining City Council's Pockets." Your essay should demonstrate your understanding of how to identify and evaluate arguments according to your learning in Units 1-5, concentrating on Unit 5 (identifying argument forms for validity and soundness, identifying and explaining fallacies, etc.)./nPhoto Radar Just Lining City Council's Pockets City council needs to get rid of photo radar right now! It is a mere cash grab set up to inflate their budgets and punish those of us who follow the rules 99% of the time. If they do not remove the photo radar from my street, I will start an online campaign that shows how useless these speed traps are. What is the purpose of city council if not to serve the constituents? I believe my interests are not being served. Firstly, photo radar doesn't even catch the person while they are speeding, so nothing is being stopped. In other words, if no one was speeding, then we would know with certainty that photo radar works. But people keep speeding. This is because photo radar is merely a passive way of punishing speeders: The only way to truly deter is to catch them in the act. Secondly, what do they need so much extra money for? We all know that the more they bring in, the more they will spend anyway. So, obviously they will just add more and more photo radar since they depend on the income from photo radar now. Look at all the money they wasted building that soccer facility-I don't even play soccer! My cousin has been in road construction for 30 years, and he says that photo radar doesn't deter people from speeding anyway. He has seen it time and again on the job. He is building the road and they set up photo radar where no one can see it, so how will they know when to slow down???/nI have received three photo radar tickets this month for going only two kilometers over the limit on my street. This is beyond unfair. This is taking money away from my children and their financial security. Does city council want my children to starve?

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