Part II. ANOVA (8 points). For this part, you are required to compare the post treatment quality of life (QOL_post) for the patients with LUTS across all three treatment groups: drug treatment, behavior treatment, and drug + behavior treatment. The data to be used for this part are saved in HW ANOVA.sav. 1. An ANOVA will be used to compare three independent means. Write down the null and alternative hypothesis (1 point). 2. Provide the histogram of QOL after treatment (QOL_post) for each group and evaluate the normality assumption (1 point). 3. Provide descriptive statistics for QOL after treatment (QOL_post) (1 point). 4. Evaluate the homogeneity of variance assumption (1 point). 5. Report the p value and state the hypothesis resolution (1 point). 6. Report the post hoc analysis (2 points). 7. Document your results (1 point).

Fig: 1