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Question 45229

posted 10 months ago

a) Explain how Geological Time Scale describes the timing and relationships between events that have occurred throughout Earth's history? (4 Marks)

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Question 45232

posted 10 months ago

d) While an unknown mineral was tested for its hardness, it was observed that mineral could be scratched by steel nail as well as glass plate. However, mineral was not scratched when copper penny was used. What is the hardness range of the mineral?

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Question 45233

posted 10 months ago

Explain what is the difference between Andesite and Diorite? (4 marks)

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Question 45230

posted 10 months ago

) Explain the working of a rock cycle and how it plays an important role in petroleum geology?

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Question 45231

posted 10 months ago

) What differentiates cleavage from fracture of a mineral? (1.5 marks)

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Question 45666

posted 10 months ago

1. A drillstring consists of 9,000 ft 5 in, 19.5 lbm/ft drillpipe, and1,000 ft of 8 in OD, 3in ID drill collars. What is the:
(a) Volume of the drillpipe in bbl.
(b) Volume of the drill collars in bbl
(c) Number of pump cycles required to pump surface mud to the bit(duplex pump, 6 in liners, 2.5 in rods, 16 i strokes, pumping at 85 % volumetric efficiency).
(d) Displacement of drillpipes in bbl/ ft
(e) Displacement of drill collars in bbl/ft.

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