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Question 38005

posted 1 years ago

1. What is act utilitarianism? How is this moral theory supposed to work? What are the facts that it's based on and why? Also, why did people like John Stewart Mill and Harriet Taylor advocate for this view? Early feminists and anti-slavery abolitionists found the ideas of the utilitarians helpful. Why was-this? (Feel free to consult wikipedia or other sources or to ask me for help if you run out of material.There's a lot there.) write 250-300 words and make sure the spelling and grammar is correct.

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Question 38129

posted 1 years ago

1.Create three theories to explain the following situation. One of the theories must be plausible and have a natural explanation, one of the theories must be implausible and have a natural explanation, and one of the theories must have a paranormal explanation. Make it clear in your explanation which theory fits which of these three separate requirements.
Aoife has just come back from being away for the weekend. Her cat is acting very strangely when she returns. It is constantly pacing around the apartment, and keeps staring at things that Aoife cannot see.

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Question 38130

posted 1 years ago

2.Using your background knowledge and any other information you have about the subject,devise a competing, naturalistic theory to the paranormal theory described below. After you have done this, apply the criteria of adequacy to your theory, by explaining how well it does in relation to the paranormal theory in the criteria of test ability, fruitfulness, scope, simplicity, and conservatism.
Azadija has had a difficult night getting to sleep. She couldn't get comfortable, and was troubled by unpleasant dreams. When she gets up in the morning, she sees that several of the objects in her bedroom are in different positions to where she thought she had left them.
Paranormal theory: There are monsters living under Azadija's bed, and they have been keeping awake and moving her possessions around.

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