Please consider the electric motor to the right that was operating in a room with an average temperature of 90 °F. At steady state, the external surface temperature was 120 °C. Based on the data below, please determine the heat flux in W/m² dueair а. Convection. b. Radiation. Surface Areа — 640 ст? Thermal Conductivity = 50 W/m²-ºK Coefficient of Heat Transfer = 1.4 Btu/ft²-hr-ºR Torque = 3.0 ft-lbf at 1800 RPM and 2.95 ft-lbm at 3600 RPM Emissivity = 0.9 Density of Metal Housing7.35 gm/cc Based on the results of Problem 1, what can we say about the relative importance of radiation vs convection at “ordinary temperatures." Please use two or three sentences to explain. 3. Please consider a cylindrical combustion chamber with an inner diameter of 7 feet and a height of 2 m. The wall of the combustion chamber was 4"thick and made of brick with a thermal conductivity of 0.4 W/m-°K. The inner surface was at 1,500 °K while the outer surface was at 120 °F.Please determine the flux at the inner surface in Btu/hr-ºR.

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