Problem 1: A piston cylinder assembly has an inside volume of 0.1m³ containing 0.5 kg of steam at a pressure of 0.4 MPa. Heat is transferred to the system until the temperature is 300°C and the gas expands as a superheated vapor, while the pressure remains constant. Determine: a) the quality in the initial and the final stage b) the heat transfer and c) work done by the air for this process Consider u, h, and v as average properties for a particular state of a 2-phase mixture. Start with thegiven mass and total volume and find the specific volume for the initial stage. This should be the averagespecific volume. Then relate it to the average property formula in the class lecture in term of quality, findproperties from steam table, and go from there. After that, use the energy balance equation and thenrelate it to the equation having internal energy, potential energy, and kinetic energy. Neglect change inpotential and kinetic energy and assume the whole process as a quasi-equilibrium process. In the workdone parameter, replace the total volume with mass and specific volume.

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