Problem #1:

GIVEN: The floor of the operating room portion of a proposed new addition to the

Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis, OR is composed of a 6" thick

slab of reinforced stone concrete. Assume that the additional dead load from

structural/architectural/mechanical components amounts to 8 psf.


a) The total distributed dead load (DL) + live load (LL) in psf to be used in the design.

See c) below. Do not apply live load reductions in any of the parts of this problem.

b) The total (DL + LL) load (kips) on a tributary floor area of 25 ft x 25 ft from this

distributed load.

c) Identify the table in Chapter 16 of the 2019 Oregon Structural Specialty Code

(OSSC) where the minimum distributed live load is shown. Chapter 16 contains the

provisions for the structural design of buildings and some other structures.

SOLUTION: In general, you may use the abbreviated tables in the Hibbeler text for

weights of materials. Much more complete tables are found in Chapter C3 of ASCE 7-

16 (see link above). Chapter C3 refers to the third chapter of the Commentary to

ASCE 7-16, and explains the standard and provides additional background

information. Note that the tables in ASCE 7-16 are in both English and SI units. The

handout on Tributary Areas/Loads also has the unit weights of concrete (unreinforced

and steel reinforced) and steel. These are the two most common structural materials.