Problem 1. The half-life of iodine-125 is 60 days. 1. What is the first order decay rate constant? 2. If we start with 30 g of it, how much is left after 1 year 3. If the decay was alpha radiation, what would iodine -125 decay to? 4. If the decay was a beta radiation, what would iodine 125 decay to? And just FYI. the decay is neither alpha nor beta, I-125 decays via a decay process called electron capture, where a proton captures an inner electron to become a neutron. Thus, 1-125 actually decays to non-radioactive Te-125 About 7% of its decays produce gamma radiation but most of the energy is emitted as low-energy photons and x-rays, It is often used for radiation therapy for cancer treatment),

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