Problem 2: Von Kármán Vortex Street 30 points A long cylinder with diameter D = 0.02 m is placed in a uniform flow of speed U. Assume that fluid density p= 800 kg/m³, and fluid viscosity = 0.08 Pa-s. For a certain range of incoming flow speeds, an interesting flow pattern will emerge: the cylinder will create a clockwise vortex in its wake, then a counterclockwise vortex, then another clockwise, then another counterclockwise, and on and on. This alternating pattern is called the Von Kármán Vortex Street, and there is a constant frequency of vortex production, f (for a given spoed). A video: Part a: How many independent dimensionless groups govern this problem? Part b: Assume that one of the dimensionless groups is the Reynolds number. Find another di- mensionless group, this one with the shedding frequency / in the numerator. (Hint: it involves speed and one other parameter.) Part c: Experimental data is shown below, with the z-axis being Reynolds Number and the y-axis the dimensionless number called St. (this is what you determined in (b)). Suppose you don't know exactly what the incoming flow speed U is, other than it is less than 10 m/s. But you can measure the oscillation in the wake (for example if the cylinder is piezoelectric) and know f= 25.6 Hz. Use the experimental data in the figure to estimate the incoming flow velocity. (Hint: May need to guess and check, and of course your answer will be a bit approximate.) 0.22 St 0.20 0.18 0.16 0.14 0.12

Fig: 1