Problem 3. You decide you want to spike some orange dye into a water fountain at a college campus roughly 80 miles to the south. You spike 40 g of

orange dye into a 4,000 L fountain at 6 AM on a Friday morning. The dye degrades at a first order rate constant of 0.05 hr-1. Assuming no ins or outs of the fountain (thus the fountain is a batch reactor),what is the concentration of dye at 8 PM that evening? If the dye can only be detected at concentrations more than 1 mg/L, is the dye noticeable at 8 PM?Additionally, using MS EXCEL, Plot the concentration of the dye in the fountain between 6 AM Friday and 6 AM Saturday at every 30 minute increment of time. Make your excel plot look neat (axis labeled, units shown, data points clear, etc), and show clearly the table of your calculations used to make the plot.

Fig: 1