Problem 5: Cherry Creek Cherry Creek is 25 ft wide and 0.6 ft deep for 500 ft upstream from the truck shown in the photo.The hydrograph shows discharge [cfs] =

[ft'/s] versus time. Water temperature is 50°F. Part A According to the chart, what is the discharge on Sunday 4/6/2008 in [ft^3/s]? Part B At that time, what is the average velocity in the stream at the location shown? Part C What is the Reynolds number for this flow, based on the depth? Part D Imagine there is an illegal discharge adding 1 gal/min of untreated sewage 7,000 ft upstream from the location shown. Based on your answer to Part C, explain why you would (or would not)expect the sewage to be uniformly blended into the stream water at the location shown. Part E Indicate the most appropriate choice, considering the 500 ft upstream from the truck, and the time period of 4/2/2008 through 4/9/2008: i)Steady or unsteady? ii)Uniform or nonuniform?

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