Problem 70. Consider a lossless cable of characteristic impedance Zo = 80 ohms . Take the wave speed in the cable to bev=2-108 m/s. Let the cable be terminated at a load circuit at z=0. Let a voltage wave of the form V=(2 × 10-4 V) cos(ohmst – k z)be incident on the load circuit. Take ohms=2 pix 108 / s. Find the standing wave ratio and position of the voltage amplitude minimum closest to the load when \text { A) } \tilde{Z}_{L}=0 \text { (Short-circuited load) } \text { B) } \tilde{Z}_{L}=\infty \text { (Open-circuited load) } \tilde{Z}_{L}=80 \Omega

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