Q2 Earned Value The following bar chart shows the activities to complete a project in 4 months. After one and one-half months, Activities A, B, and D are completed along with half of activity E. These activities have accumulated a cost of $8,000. Note: Do not insert ($) or (.) or (%) sign. However do include negative (-) or decimal point (.) sign where necessary. Q2.11PointThe bucgeted cost of work performed (correct to nearest collar) Q. 2.2(1 Point) The budgeted cost of work scheduled (correct to nearest dollar) Q. 2.3 (1 Point) Cost variance (CV) (correct to nearest dollar) Q. 2.4 (1 Point) Cost Performance Index (CPI) (correct to 3 significant figure) Q. 2.5 (1 Point) Schedule variance (SV) (correct to nearest dollar) Q. 2.6 (1 Point) Estimated Cost at Completion EAC) (correct to nearest dollar) Q. 2.7 (0.5 Points) Is the project over or under budget? Q. 2.8 (0.5 Points) Is the project ahead or behind schedule?

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