Q2. Wheel A shown in Figure 1 has a mass of 75 kg. Initially, wheel A rotates clockwise with a constant angular velocity of w = 100 rad/s. If A is brought into contact with flat surfaceВ: (a) Calculate the moment of inertia of wheel A about its centre of mass (b) Draw the free body diagram for wheel A, labelling all of the applied forces. (c) Write down the equations of motion for wheel A and calculate the internal force of link Ac and angular acceleration a of the wheel (d) Calculate the number of revolutions before wheel A is brought to a stop. The coefficient of friction between wheel A and flat surface B is u = 0.3 and the radius of gyration of A about its centre of mass is ka=0.3 m neglect the weight of link AC other relevent dimension are shown in figure 1

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