Q4 Scrabble Challenge Dictionaries 15 Points Purpose: Use Python dictionaries in the context of a simple game application. Complete the SCRABBLE CHALLENGE from lecture: Create a dictionary tile_counts mapping letters to counts of tiles, and • a dictionary tile_points mapping letters to points. From letter_distributions#English: Table of scrabble tile counts/frequencies by value, e.g., there are 3 "G" tiles, worth 2 points each 1: Ex12 Ax9 1×9 0x8 Nx6 Rx6 Tx6 Lx4 SX4 UX4 2: Dx4 Gx3 3: Bx2 Cx2 Mx2 Px2 4: Fx2 Hx2 Vx2 Wx2 Yx2 5: K 8: J X 10: QZ Then, iterate over the keys to print a table that would start like this: Letter Count Points ? A B 2 9 2 0 1 3/nTurn In: Cut-and-Paste of your dictionary assignments and your output in the box below. Special Turn-In Instructions: Call your notebook Scrabble.ipynb • Press the "Share" button in the upper right hand corner of the Colab window (to the left of the gear icon and circle with your initial(s)). Click on "Change to anyone with the link" in the bottom left of the popup. Then click the "Copy Link" button, and then "Done". Paste the link here (using your usual paste command, e.g., CTRL-V or Command-V). You can check the link works by trying it in a browser where you are not logged into Google. ●

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