Question 1: Consider the circuit shown where , R=2000 N, L=0.1 H,C=0.025 F.(40 Points) \text { a) find the transfer function } \frac{V_{o u t}(s)}{I_{t}(s)}=\operatorname{Zin}(s) \text { . } b)

find Hm, Wm, Bw and W1,2 and draw the response and indicate the obtained values. c) IF the circuit has been built using practical components with QL=40 and Qc=100.Redraw the circuit again with practical parallel equivalent circuits in lecture \begin{aligned} &22 \text { and find the transfer }\\ &\text { function } \frac{V_{\text {out }}(s)}{I_{2}(s)} \end{aligned} d) What are the major differences between the transfer functions with and without practical components?

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